Monday, January 16, 2012

Hat Kalim Beach in Phuket

Hat Kalim Beach :Phuket
Hat Kalim Beach is a quiet and attractive enough to be away from it all, but still close enough to the action to be fun. There is a small beach full of rocks north of Patong Beach (Hat Kalim is actually a continuation of Patong and the beaches are separated by a rock formation heading towards the sea). The sea around the Hat Kalim offers excellent coral reef that makes it interesting for those who love diving. When the tide is a large amount of coral is revealed and may be interesting to go around and

see the variety of living coral maintains (starfish, etc.). Do not try to walk among the corals with bare feet - you cut! It is not as developed as other beaches in Phuket, Hat Kalim is back much expected - you can actually get some space for yourself on this beach. Behind the beach is a solid range of accommodation such as hotels and guest houses at reasonable prices.

Directions: Hat Kalim Beach is a short drive from Patong. Regularly leave Phuket at Patong Songtaews on the market and costs 20 baht per person - by far the most effective way to reach the area.

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